Cortex Ilicis Rotundae


The bark of Ilex rotunda Thunb., family Aquifoliaceae.

Crude drugs somewhat curved in pieces, varying in size, 0.3-1.0 cm thick, crustaceous, epidermis grey-white to greyyellow, coarse; endodermis brown, with longitudinal striae; section showing flat and granular, green periderm seen when the cork is stripped of, slightly aromatic in odour. Bitter in taste and cold in nature.

1. Purge the sthenic fire and detoxify: For common cold with high fever, sorethroat, conjunctival congestion, skin infection, cholecystitis, etc. External use for burns.
2.Clear away heat and dampness: For diarrhea and dysentery of dampness-heat type.
3. Cool the blood and stop bleeding: For hematemesis, hemoptysis, and hematochezia due to blood-heat.
4. Alleviate pain: For abdominal pain due to dampness-heat or stomachheat, also for arthralgia of wind-dampness-heat type.

Pharmacological Action
1. Hemostatic. Ilexanin B shortens the blood coagulation time in vitro.
2. Causing vasoconstriction in experimental animals.

Administration Decoction: 6-15g. External application: 30-50% solution.


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