Radix Paeoniae Rubra


Root of Paeonia lacti:flora Pall., or several other species of the same genus, family Ranunculaceae.

Root terete, unequal in length, 0.8-3.0 cm in diameter; cork brown; lenticels transversely protruded and wrinkles running longitudinally. Prepared as crosscut reddish pieces, with radial bundles seen in the xylem; rigid and brittle in texture. Bitter in taste, slightly cold in nature, and attributive to liver channel:

1. Clear away the heat and cool the blood: For seasonal febrile diseases involving xuefen with fever, eruptions and crimson tongue, and blood-heat syndrome with hematemesis or epistaxis.
2. Promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis: For blood-stasis syndrome with amenorrhea, menalgia, chest pain, abdominal pain, abdominal masses, trauma, or skin infection.
3. Clear away liver-fire to promote visual acuity: For liver-heat syndrbme with conjunctivitis or hypochondriac pain.

Pharmacological Action
1. Paeoniflorin, one of its active components, has a strong antispastic effect and also analgesic, sedative, anticonvulsive, antibacterial and anti-imflammatory effects.
2. Dilating blood vessels, increasing coronary flow and improving myocardial oxygen supply.
3. Inhibiting platelets aggregation.

Administration Decoction: 6-15g.


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