Herba Asari


Herb of Asarum heterotropoides Fr. Schmidt var. mandshuricum (Maxim.) Kitag. and A. sieboidji Miq., family Aristolochiaceae.

Herb. Rhizome slender, nodose, with many slender fibrous roots at the nodes. Basal leaves with long petiole, blades cordate. With pungent and fragrant odour. Acrid in taste, warm in nature, and attributive to lung and kidney channels.

1. Induce sweating to expel cold and exogenous evils from the body surface, expel wind and relieve pain: For common cold of wind-cold type with severe headache and general aching, especially for the case with yang-deficiency, recurrent headache, headache of wind-cold type, toothache, arthralgia of wind-cold-dampness type.
2. Warm the lung to promote expectoration: For cough and dyspnea with thin sputum attributive to lung-cold.
3. Wake up from unconsciousness: For sudden syncope, use powder for nasal insufflation to induce sneezing.

Pharmacological Action
I. Sedative, analgesic and antipyretic.
2. Its alcoholic infusion induces anesthetic effect on the sciatic neuroplexus of frogs and human lingual mucosa.
3. D1-demethy1 coclaurine acts as a cardiotonic and vasodilator, and can also relax smooth muscles, accelerate lipid metabolism and raise the level of blood sugar.
4. Safrole is its main antimycotic active component. ,

Administration Decoction: 1-3g.


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