Herba Bidentis


Herb of Bidens bipmnata L, B. pilosa L. and B. biternata (Lour.) Merr. et Sherff, family cbmpositae.

A herb. The leaves at the lower part opposite and those at the upper alternate; the leaves of the three kinds of the plants are bipinnatipartite, tripartite and mono to bipinnatifid correspondingly. Capitulum with involucrates; linguiform flowers yellow or white, tubular flowers yellow. Achene linear with longitudinal ridges, and 3-4 pappi at the apex which are hard awn-like, capillaceous and inversely hooked. Bitter in taste, mild in nature.

1. Clear away the superficial heat: For common cold of wind-heat type and prevention of influenza.
2. Clear away heat and toxic materials: For sorethroat, appendicitis, snake bite and centipede bite.
3. Clear away dampness and heat from the gastrointestines: For diarrhea, dysentery and stomachache of heat type.

Pharmacological Action
I. Its decoction together with Radix Dichroae is anti-inflammatory.
2. Diminishing the area of experimental gastric ulcer and secretion of gastric juice, and also lowering the level of both total and free acid in gastric juice in mice.

Administration Decoction:10-30g.


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